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TopWorx™ T-Series Switchboxes High Performance

Thương hiệu: Emerson

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TopWorx T-Series switchboxes deliver outstanding value by providing full functionality
in compact, direct-mount enclosures.
Available with a variety of position sensors, integral solenoid valves, and bus networks, the
T-Series is suitable for use in all hazardous areas and carry IECEx, ATEX, and UL certifications.

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The TopWorx T-Series Delivers Outstanding Value.
Designed to provide maximum functionality in a compact form factor, the TopWorx T-Series has a number of unique features that save space, time, and money.

Optimum Use of Space
The unique layout supplies ample working space inside the enclosure for wiring and setting of the switches while taking up very little space above the actuator.

TwistSet™ Cams
Unique TwistSet cam design allows easy access and accurate stepless setting of sensor position with minimum hysteresis. Color-coded strikers enable quick identification of open/closed switches. Includes locking feature to ensure no target migration

Low Profile Design
The unique directmounting feature eliminates expensive mounting brackets while reducing the height of the switchbox and the overall footprint above the actuator

Direct Mounting
Unique mounting design enables simple attachment to any ISO/NAMUR actuator without the need for expensive mounting brackets

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