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High Temperature Smart Thermocouple EGT Sensor

Thương hiệu: Emerson

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

Liên hệ

• N-type thermocouple - 3.2mm and other diameters available
• -40°C to 1000°C, 1-4 thermocouple channels
• Smart sensor with high accuracy electronics and fast response
• Digital and analog output
• -40°C to 150°C electronics ambient
• Improved sensor temperature tolerance

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Product Overview
The improving global emissions and efficiency standards petition the need for monitoring exhaust temperature for after treatment purposes. Recognizing this need, Therm-O-Disc is expanding the temperature sensing offering to help the automotive industry in meeting these emissions requirements.
Therm-O-Disc developed this sensor for high temperature exhaust applications reaching up to 1000°C. Thermocouple sensors are designed for long term durability needs. Integrated with a highly configurable smart electronic module, this EGT sensor will exceed industry performance, providing an optimized solution.

Primary Benefit
• Stability over product lifetime
• Automotive grade electronics performing up to 150°C ambient
• Automotive Industry Standard Communication Stacks for CAN, LIN, and SENT. Diagnostic information available.
• Smaller form factor and high temperature module rating offers multiple installation locations


Temperature Tolerance -40°C < ±10C < 0°C
0°C < ±5C< 650°C
650°C < ±10C < 1000°C
Response Time <13 Sec
N type thermocouple 3.2mm and other diameters available, insulated Type
Electronic Module Working Temperature -40°C to 140°C
Digital output CAN 2.0B Bus, SENT Protocol

Data Output Options
• CAN 2.0B 500K (J1939/optional)
• SENT J2716 (optional)
• LIN J2602 (optional)
• Analog 0-5V (optional - ratiomatric/non ratiomatric
Supply Voltage
• 8VDC - 14VDC (5VDC optional) Sensor Tolerance Including Electronics
• For digital output
o -40°C < ±10°C < 0°C
o 0°C < ±5°C < 650°C
o 650°C < ±10°C < 1000°C
Sheath Materials
• Inconel 600, Fill Ceramic MgO


• 304 SUS Hex nut and washer
• Fittings with pre-applied dry anti-seize are available Extension Wire
• 2x7x0.2 PFA Teflon insulated, available up to 6 feet

• PET+30% GF housing material
• Ultrasonic welded enclosure Connector
• Industrial standard connector interfaces for various communication options mentioned above

Download Datasheet: 

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