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Optical IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detection - PointWatch Eclipse

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The PointWatch Eclipse® Model PIRECL IR Hydrocarbon Gas Detector is our most rugged stainless steel, point infrared gas detector. It is approved to be factory calibrated to detect four gases and is capable of detecting a large number of other commonly encountered hydrocarbon gases.

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  • Performance certified to methane, propane, ethylene, and butane, and is shipped from the factory set and calibrated to one of these gases
  • Rugged IP66/67 stainless steel construction and extended interval testing
  • Diagnostic LED provides local alarm and fault annunciation
  • Weather baffle with hydrophobic filter option combined with heated sapphire optics reduces nuisance faults from rain and condensation in harsh environments
  • Certified to FM, CSA, IECEx and ATEX requirements to detect select gases in as little as 1.5 seconds

Technical Specifications

  • Continuous, fixed monitoring of flammable hydrocarbon gases from 0 to 100% Lower Flammable Limit (LFL)
  • Standard device outputs include an electrically isolated 4-20 mA signal with HART communication protocol and RS-485 serial communication
  • Serial communication protocols supported include MODBUS and ASCII
  • Global certifications (SIL 2/FM/CSA/ATEX/IECEx)
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