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Temperature Transmitter Rosemount 3144P

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For every responsibility you have, you are confronted with a number of challenges. You have aggressive production and quality targets, but inaccurate or unavailable temperature measurements create unscheduled downtime and off-spec products. Loops may be running in manual because you don’t trust your temperature measurement, requiring the attention of your maintenance staff and costing money in lost production. 

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Explore the benefits of a Complete Point Solution from Emerson

■ An “Assemble To Sensor” option enables Emerson to provide a complete point temperature solution, delivering an installation-ready transmitter and sensor assembly.

■ Emerson offers a selection of RTDs, thermocouples, and thermowells that bring superior durability and Rosemount reliability to temperature sensing, complementing the Rosemount Transmitter portfolio.

■ World-class manufacturing provides globally consistent product from every factory and the capacity to fulfill the needs of any project, large or small.

■ Experienced instrumentation consultants help select the right product for any temperature application and advise on best installation practices.

■ An extensive global network of Emerson service and support personnel can be on-site when and where they are needed.

■ Make wireless installation and configuration easy with the Emerson Wireless Gateway.

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