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Control Unit Universal HART DMCU900 series

Thương hiệu: Delta Mobrey

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

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Key Features
• Controller for use with DMSP400, DMSP500 and DMSP900 series level transmitters
• Display measured values, control pumps, actuators andalarms
• Configure transmitters, access diagnostics
• Single or dual transmitter inputs
• 4-20mA and up to four relay outputs
• Data logging option with SD card and RS485 comms
• DC or AC power supply
• Galvanically isolated supplies to power intrinsically


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Series Overview
The DMCU900 Series Universal Controller provides an interfacebetween HART devices, operators or control systems.
Designed for use with Delta Mobrey ultrasonic transmitters.
Large LCD display with push button menu driven programming.Intrinsically safe power supply for transmitters. Data logging optionwith download facility

Other products
Other HART capable products we can offer:
• Ultrasonic level transmitters
• Pressure transmitters

DMCU900 series: all models DMCU901**-*
Mounting Wall mount
(Panel mount on request)
Transmitter input One HART transmitter input
Display 128 x 64 LED dot matrix Output 4-20mA
Housing material Polycarbonate Relays 4 SPDT 250V AC, 5A
Ambient Temperature -20°C to +50°C    
Ingress protection IP65 (except DMCU90F
panel mount, see below)
DMCU90*WX-A (mains supply) DMCU902**-*
Supply voltage 85 to 255V AC 50-60Hz Transmitter inputs Two HART transmitters
(for differential)
Power requirements 12VA Output 4-20mA
    Relays 4 SPDT 250V AC, 5A
DMCU90*WX-A24 (low voltage supply) DMCU90F**-*
Supply voltage 11.4-40 V DC or 11.4-28 V
AC 50-60Hz
Transmitter input One HART transmitter
Power requirements 12VA or 11W Output 4-20mA
    Relays 2 SPDT 250V AC, 5A
    Additional function Data logging
    Additional output RS485
    Ingress protection IP20 for DMCU90FPX only

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