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Ultrasonic Transmitters Liquid Level & Flow Measurement

Thương hiệu: Delta Mobrey

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Series: DMSP900
Key Features
• Non-contacting measurement with no moving parts
• Continuous measurement of Level, Contents, or Open Channel Flow
• Simple to install and configure via Delta Mobrey’s DMCU900 HART® controller or other HART master
• Loop powered 4-20mA and HART® output
• Configure to ignore disturbing object false echo
• Factory sealed IP68
• Rugged PVDF construction ideal for applications on expose

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Series Overview
The DMSP900SH for level, contents and open channel flow) uses ultrasonic technology.
Ultrasonic pulses are transmitted to and reflected from the liquid surface. The transmitter measures the ‘time-of-flight’ and determines the distance to the surface. By configuring the distance to the bottom of a vessel, the transmitter can then calculate the liquid level and contents (volume) for linear or non-linear vessels (domed, spherical, etc). For open channel flow, the transmitter can calculate the flow rate from the level for a wide variety of flumes and
An internal temperature sensor compensates for temperature affects. The level, contents or flow measurement is transmitted through the 4–20 mA and HART output. If used with the DMCU900 HART® controller, this simplifies configuration and has local display.

Other products
Other products we can offer :
• Ultrasonic level transmitters with display
• Control unit for configuration, display and pump control
• Submergible type level transmitters

Materials PVDF transducer and housing
Ambient temperature
For Ex models
-30 to 80°C (-22 to 176°F)
-20 to 70°C (-4 to 158°F)
Process temperature
For Ex models
-30 to 90°C (-22 to 194°F)
-20 to 80°C (-4 to 176°F)
Operating Pressure (absolute) 0.5 to 3 Bar (7.3 to 43.5 psia)
RANGES DMSP900SH = 0.25 to 6m (80kHz)
DMSP901SH = 0.25 to 6m (80kHz)
DMSP902SH = 0.35 to 10m (60kHz)
DMSP903SH = 0.45 to 15m (40kHz)
Total beam angle: 5°
Accuracy +/- (0.2% of distance + 0.05% of range)
Resolution (acc. to range) <2 m: 1 mm, 2 to 5 m: 2 mm
5 to 10 m: 5 mm, >10m: 10mm
Ex marking
DMSP9****-A only)
Ex II 1 G Ex ia IIB T6...T5 Ga
Intrinsically Safe Data Ui ≤ 30V; li ≤ 140mA; Pi ≤ 1W;
Ci ≤ 28nF; Li ≤ 200µH
Power Supply 13.4 to 36 V DC – 48 to 720 mW
For Ex models 12V to 30V DC
LED indication Red/Green on connector
IP rating IP68
Electric protection Class III
Cable 2 -core
Process connections (refer dimensional drawings on page 6) Range 6m: Upper: 1” BSP
Lower: 2” BSP or NPT
Range 10m: Upper 1” BSP
Range 15m: Upper 1” BSP
Programming HART protocol
Weight (with 3m of Cable) 1.2 Kgs (with 3m cable)

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